What a loaded week - tattoos, controversy and priceless dancefloor moments!

What a loaded week - tattoos, controversy and priceless dancefloor moments!

We were able to fit in so much in 5 days! Let's catch up.

Darren and SKy

One consistent thing about us is that we make the most of a week, more so, the three hours we get to be with you guys. This week was an exact example of that. 

On Monday morning, we had to be a little gentle with our Sky following Manchester United's loss to Liverpool.

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Darren and Keri tried to be super sensitive and cautious in everything they said but they just could not help it with the puns. 

If you missed it, Sky shared how deeply hurt he was in a way the team have ever heard him before. Take a listen: 

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Then there was a woman at the gym who just chose to press on the gaping and bleeding wound. 

This is what she did: 

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Tuesday in the studio was more cheerful and everyone was in jovial spirits. Why? 

We were about to cover up a tattoo! 

Remember we called out for KZN listeners to share pictures of tattoos they might have which they now think are horrible-looking?

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Sean Wood all they way from Newcastle, emerged at the guy with the worst tattoo from the many botched tattoos we received. 

Here is a snippet from a moment in the studio on Tuesday morning:

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We got to the middle of the week all the way in Johannesburg broadcasting from our sister station. 

SA Cricket player, Quinton de Kock, was trending following his refusal to 'take the knee' - something which had been declared necessary for all the team players. This sparked many opinion pieces and discourse among sportsmen and women. 

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Our very own dad-to-be, Sky Tshabalala shared his personal opinion on the matter which also sparked conversation among fellow cricket lovers and fans of Quinton de Kock. 

Have a listen: 

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The team had the time of their live back in Johannesburg, especially Keri Miller. She had struggled a bit on Thursday morning after the fact.

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For actual proof of how much fun the team had you have to watch these videos here

It was an all-round super fun week on Darren, Keri and Sky. 

We hope November will bring more moments like this so end the show on a high note. 

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