All the reasons to love Darren, Keri and Sky: a weekly wrap-up

All the reasons to love Darren, Keri and Sky: a weekly wrap-up

The week kicked off and we were not aware of how epic it was about to be. 


Missing this week's show was like missing those huge concerts by your favourite artists voluntarily. Why would you do that?

Monday started and Darren, Keri and Sky all had stories about the previous weekend. 

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Everyone had their fair share of fun in their own respective ways. Take a listen.

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Don't you just love when the team lets you in on their personal times outside of radio? We definitely love sharing these moments especially because in some instances, you might just relate. 

Tuesday brought back a feature of the show which had died down for a little while - Khuluma Nathi! 

Yes, you might have heard the name here and there before this, but it was about the Hollywoodbets horse. It hit the tracks not so long ago and has been struggling to make the top 3 in races. Darren, Keri and Sky then saw it fit to have the feature with uThisha Sky back to show it some love and support; to also show it how much people love the name 'Khuluma Nathi'. 

For the first class back after the long holiday, Sky taught Darren and Keri how to say something with 'La' and 'Le' and the as you know they made it fun. It even became a song. 

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Another reason to love this trio - they take everything and make it absolutely fun and quirky! 

Midweek, we had a heartwarming episode of The Big Favour. Eureka Olivier from Operation Bobbi Bear returned to the studio once again and like the first two time, she was unaware of what would happen. 

Lottostar and The Big Favour had heard of the children the organisation was now living with and taking care of. These 6 siblings were found on the side of the road after the mother had abandoned them. 

This is how Lottostar held out their hand to aid the organisation:  

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They might be all fun and funny but they also love the KZN community. They are actually soft, warm and caring at heart - that is Darren, Keri and Sky. 

The team is joined by Prof Tulio every Wednesday as he answers all the COVID-19 related questionslisteners may have. He is one of the world's top virologists and has been with the team for almost two years now. 

This week he informed the team about the  new vaccine that is rumoured to be making its way to South Africa. 

Take a listen:

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It is quite the informative space with these three. You also get to learn some important information on the show. They are also extremely curious, so they push for exclusive answers just for you. 

So, Thursday comes and before everyone know it we are playing Squid Game at the Hollywoodbest Kingsmead Stadium. 

Not just us or with the ECR presenter but with some of our listeners who were brave to raise their hands. Everything had been planned in just a week. Literally, everything. 

Have a listen at how resourceful Darren, Keri and Sky's producer and the team can be in just a week: 

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And so we were able to gather our KZN listeners at Kingsmead Stadium and have our #SquidGamesDay on Friday morning. 

It was not only fun, it was quite the competitive challenge. We look forward to seeing the final product on our YouTube channel next week. Here was the deciding factor of who would be ahead in Red Light, Green Light: 

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Relatable, fun, informative, caring, resourceful and young at heart - all the reasons why we love Darren, Keri and Sky! 


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