LISTEN: 73 questions with Darren Maule ft. Anna Banana

LISTEN: 73 questions with Darren Maule ft. Anna Banana

Who better to complete this podcast series than Darren's wife, Anna Banana? 

Anna Banana

It's been a little over two months since the most beautiful couple, basically KZN's couple, tied the knot in the most intimate wedding. There was no way we were going to have the podcast series happen without having Anna Banana on one of them.

We obviously cannot equate their marriage using this one podcast, but when you truly listen to this podcast, you will experience the playful nature of their relationship from the moment they begin speaking. They use the popular Vogue '75 Questions' format and Darren has to answer them in lightning speed.

"What is your most favourite thing I have ever said to you? she asks in one of the many questions. 

This podcast will give you some insight into the person Darren Maule is beyond the mic. 

Darren's favourite films, books, food, music, interviews, and everything personal that has to do with Darren Maule is covered.

In between the interview you will hear and experience the atmosphere of their home - Mouse also gets a little word in.

You also get to learn about Darren's firsts - like that his first car was a Toyota Corolla. 

So, who would Darren choose between Sky and Keri? 

Take a listen to this TOUGH question:

We have sadly reached the end of the Darren's Decade 10-Part Podcast Series. But we have had the chance to learn about the radio maverick through these packed, informative, and entertaining conversations he's had with all 10 of the people we featured. 

For now, we say once again, Happy Decade, Darren Maule! 

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