Keri's Couch: Meet Clarise - A teacher, free-spirit, and Sky's partner

Keri's Couch: Meet Clarise - A teacher, free-spirit, and Sky's partner

Everything you ever Googled about her, you will find right here.

Clarise Pieterse
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When you Google the name 'Sky Tshabalala', in the top three results of the search you will see 'Sky Tshabalala and Clarice' - which is spelled incorrectly. You will also find 'Sky Tshabalala wife'. Well, you know Keri Miller, she is always on the ball, so she invited Clarise to be on Keri's Couch. 

The best way to truly get to know someone is to have them speak openly about themselves - and Clarise did just that. 

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The 23-year-old teacher, mom-to-be, and Sky's partner is actually a private woman.  

But we could not help but be curious and excited to know the lovely lady doing this life thing with our very own Sky. 

If you are reading this and you're from Durban, you might be excited to know that she is born and bred in Westville. 

Among the other interesting things you are obviously curious about is this: How did she and Sky meet? 

Well, take a listen as she shares the nitty gritty, including how Sky asked her to be his girlfriend:

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With Clarise on the mic today, we get to hear about our Sky Tshabalala from someone who spends most of her time with him. 

The two lovebirds are set to move in together soon and there are certain things Clarise has picked up about Sky as a housemate. She shares those things that make Sky tick outside of the sports world and radio. 

We also get to hear who said "I love you" first between her and Sky. You might be a a little shocked by the answer and how long ago they said it. 

And we all know couples fight. When was their first fight and what was it about? 

Take a listen here: 

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Beautiful, sweet, and glowing with that little bump; we have loved having Clarise on Keri's Couch!

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