WATCH: Squid Game KZN as Team Darren and Team Sky go head-to-head

WATCH: Squid Game KZN as Team Darren and Team Sky go head-to-head

Who failed to make it across the line?

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Game Day for Darren, Keri, and Sky took place last week on the 15th of October 2021 as they went and played a safer version of 'Squid Game'! 

A little catch up on what 'Squid Game' is: It is the trending Korean Netflix series that sees players take part in games in the hope of winning money that would clear their debt - but there are dire consequences if you don't win. 

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The boys went and played a version of 'Red Light, Green Light' that was not only less violent than the series, but extremely fun and obviously funny!  

Darren randomly asked which South African games would have been played in the series. He also took a chance and dared KZN listeners to join the team for a lighter version of 'Squid Game'. 

You will be surprised how many people had their hand up and were ready to race. 

Take a listen:

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With the series being Netflix's biggest-ever series launch, it only made sense for the team to jump on the wave, as so many of us enjoyed it (minus the bloody parts). 

Here is how our very own Squid Game KZN unfolded at Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium:

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Congratulations to Jason Brown from The Bluff for making it across the line first!

We saw that there were cheaters in the game.

We won't mention any names...

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