Keri Miller takes it all the way to the top with these dance moves!

WATCH: Keri Miller takes it all the way to the top with these dance moves!

What is this genre of dance called? 

Keri Miller dancing

As you know, the team are in Johannesburg broadcasting live from our sister station, Jacaranda FM. After Wednesday's show, they had the chance to let loose and enjoy some time sipping on some, nibbling on some, and... dancing! 

Between Darren, Keri, and Sky, our leading lady is the one who prefers to crack some dance moves most of the time. 

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Remember how she singlehandedly led the team for the ECR Birthday Dance Challenge?

Well, this time, she did a version of 'Stomp The Yard' all the way in Johannesburg. 

Check this out: 

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So if you had to choose what genre we are going to call this it would be... 

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Darren also hit the stage and showcased some of his tap dancing...

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The dad-to-be, Sky, also joined the party and blessed the dance floor with some of those Vryheid moves, we guess. 

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If you had to dance in a game for 'Squid Game', who would you put in your team? 


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