Misconceptions of Darren, Keri, and Sky - Keri is NOT vegan

Misconceptions of Darren, Keri, and Sky - Keri is NOT vegan

There are things that people assume about each member of DKS. They fixed these this morning...

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If you ever assumed you know Darren, Keri, and Sky quite well after listening to them on your radio for the past six years, we applaud you. Hopefully you have been getting it all right without any of these misconceptions. 

So, today, we asked each of the presenters what misconceptions people have about them. 


You might see him as solely an artist - comedian, actor, and radio personality. He has certainly done so well for himself in his career, winning renowned industry awards. He is also an amazing father to the sharpest teenager, Mouse. His romance is top-tier as we have seen since he started his relationship with his Anna Banana. So, the misconception? 

People always assume that he won't outdo them in a game of sport. He is the greatest sportsman on this team. Soccer, tennis, golf, cricket, and many more. We also plan to flex his skills and muscles on an advanced driving track. So, next time you have to choose whose team to be on for sports, Darren's is the one to be. 

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The leading lady of our team is known to be health conscious by many, yes. She does frequent gym and yoga. She also eats mindfully, which means she is intentional with the food she shares with her body. But what everyone gets wrong is that she is vegan. She does consume meat as long as it's organic. What she doesn't have is dairy and wheat. Get it right, please. You can offer her some coffee but make it with coconut milk. 

Being healthy does not necessarily mean only 'being vegan'. 

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So, the dad-to-be is our sports presenter and plays rugby for a local KZN team. He is also a rugby coach at a local school in Durban. This makes it so easy for one to assume that rugby is his favourite sport. You are completely wrong if that was your assumption. Sky's favourite sport is soccer. You will know he supports Manchester United and Kaizer Chiefs. So, the next time you make small talk with him: soccer or the baby on the way. Rugby won't get him as excited. 

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There you have it.

So, for all the times you thought that you knew Darren, Keri, and Sky because you have been listening to them for years, remember these specific facts about the musketeers. 

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