How much faith has Sky lost in the Springboks?

How much faith has Sky lost in the Springboks?

Sky gives his honest take on our national rugby team, the Springboks. 

Sky disappointed by Springboks

If you are a Springboks fan, you probably have similar strong feelings about the team's performance as Sky. Is it as bad as he says it it? 

On Saturday, the Boks played against New Zealand's All Blacks and lost. Sky thinks this will happen again in the next meeting this coming weekend.

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We all know that he is not only a sports presenter but an equally passionate sports fan as well. 

Take a listen as he shares what he thinks will happen for the upcoming match against All Blacks. 

Before the defeat on Saturday, they had unfortunately lost against Australia's Wallabies in two matches in the month of September. 

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He placed a bet of R200 that they would be behind by 30 points in the upcoming match. What do you think? 

Is it a downward spiral from here for the world champions? 

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