WATCH: Keri Miller's biggest moments of the year 2021!

WATCH: Keri Miller's biggest moments of the year 2021!

If she's not dropping a smart pun or teaching us yoga, she's being the mindful energy of the amazing trio. 

Keri Miller Pink

Where should we even start - the beginning or the end of the year? Keri Miller has had many enlightening, funny, and simply interesting moments this year. 

Let's rewind to the time she was challenged by the team to take the ultimate flight attendant test.

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No, she did not necessarily end up in the air in a plane, but there was a lot of turbulence to make the challenge a real one. 

The challenge was for her to apply a full face of make-up while being pushed to her physical limits. 

Have a look at how that went:

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Oh my gosh, the apology! Do you remember it? 

It came after she asked the team to Google the term 'newborn horse hoof' - big mistake! 

If you missed it, click here. Fine, but the apology is what matters. 

Listen here. 

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This specific recap might not have been a moment Keri Miller actually did or said something iconic. It was rather the team that made her feel some type of way. 

After the rigid lockdowns, the team wished Sky a belated happy birthday as he celebrated it on the 31st of December. 

But that same day it was her birthday?!

Have a listen to find out what exactly went down in the studio that day.

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We then got to know Keri Miller a little more through her tattoo journey. Our leading lady has about 13 tattoos in total.

This specific piece is her favourite of the tattoos.

Keri Tattoos
Keri Miller

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She has had a total of six tattoo artists work on her body. 

Her favourite thing about getting a tattoo is...


You haven't seen them yet? Click here.

Another Keri Miller highlight was when she went on her trip to Manyoni Reserve earlier in the year. 

Would it be a true Keri Miller recap without any travel content? Probably not. 

She saw her first cheetah on this specific trip! 

Keri Lion
Keri Miller

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Read up on the magnificent safari journal and catch up here.

There's also an entire album with some of the amazing rare views and animals she saw on this trip. 

Here's another one - would it truly be a Keri Miller recap without pearls of wisdom? 

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One of our favourite things about Keri Miller is that she always shares some of the most thought-provoking statements

For the Women's Day Unshaken podcast with the rest of the ECR ladies, she was given the task to lead the conversation regarding Women and Sexuality. 

They talked about marriage, the bond sex creates between two people, and the guilt around sexuality and masturbation among many others. This was the most listened to episode from the five-part series. 

Take a listen as she was able to share some of the things people feel and experience but are too ashamed and scared to say. 

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Another heartwarming moment she shared was after her father, Tony Miller, suffered a heart attack. 

It was one of the most scary moments in the Miller family. 

Take a listen as an emotional Keri Miller said words that we need to carve in our minds because they are so true; so valuable. 

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Since we are at the end of this recap, we have to close it off with a dance. No, not you. 

Keri Miller has the perfect moves...

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