"I want you, I don't need you" - Keri Miller

"I want you, I don't need you" - Keri Miller

Women are self-sufficient and it is somewhat of a threat to some men. Well, that man is not the one. 

Money Unshaken

 Darren, Keri & Sky


Carol Ofori started the conversation about money taking a look at what it means to make your own money as woman.

“Women chasing money and careers is it making us less attractive to the opposite sex?" 

Most men would like to be the 'head' of the family in that sense. Which is quite the outdated thought. 

The ladies described the women that brought them up to have been  self-sufficient and it is clearly evident in their own lives. 

When Keri openly shared her experience in previous relationships where she would constantly be the one giving. Stacey also echoed a similar situation she had experienced previously. And how those partnerships where the caring is not reciprocal and one gives the money and the other gives nothing are not what these versions of themselves want right now. 

We highlight the word want. Because ladies, you only need yourself and your own love and attention towards your life.

The talk at the round table had majority of our ladies nodding  to having a self-sufficient partner. Someone who would not be emasculated by a woman who earns more than him but rather does own his own thing and is able to create special moments occasionally with whatever material thing(s) or exquisite experiences.

And what we are getting from this, ladies, this women’s moth is that go get your bag. Anyone who’s for you will not be threatened by what you earn. 

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