10+ tattoos adorn Keri Miller’s physique

Keri Miller's tattoo journey

One of the things you will notice about Keri Miller at first glance is her body art that so perfectly matches her colourful personality and narrates her ethereal journey with herself.

Keri Tattoos
Keri Miller

It may come as a surprise - or not, but the leading lady of East Coast Breakfast has more than 10 tattoos perfectly and intentionally sitting on her body as marks of time, a significant commemoration or just pure fun.

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At what age did you get your first tattoo?

I was 17 and in the USA when I got my first tattoo. So, what happened was that I called my mom first to say I had got one then she got mad. Then I told her I did not and I was kidding and that calmed her. Only then did I really go and get one the next day.

How many tattoos do you have now?

I think 13 tattoos in total.

Which one is your favourite? Why?

My latest one on my thigh with the wolf and the lady. It's just really beautiful. Although, I must say I legit love them all; each has its place. They are kind of like little ink kids.

Keri Tattoos
Keri Miller

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Among the beautiful pieces that tell a story on Keri’s Miller body is the largest artwork that goes from her lower abdomen to her upper thigh.  

What’s the longest you have sat for a tattoo?

Damn, the longest... I struggle over 2.5 hours but I have sat for 3.5 hours. I would ideally break it up and do it over a few sessions so my body doesn't think we're in some traumatic situation.

What does the tattoo on the back of your left upper arm mean?

Left upper arm was after I did a spiritual retreat that included a plant ceremony. The geometric shapes were very present in the ceremony. So, I wanted a reminder of this life changing event. The lines underneath are for 11:11. I have 11:11 in a couple of places. 

Keri Tattoos
Keri Miller

For those who don’t know, you’ll see most people posting 11:11 on Twitter when that time shows up on the clock. It is a time people use to manifest their wishes into the universe or whichever higher deity one believes in. 

So, how many tattoo artists have worked on the gallery of artwork we see on your body right now?

- 1 in USA for first one
- 1 in Florida road for 21st
- 1 in cpt for a spread love event
- 1 in DBN for a cancer awareness thing
- Then my artists, BakedInk in CPT  and Paul Wheatley in KZN

So that is six tattoo artists.

Keri Tattoos
Keri Miller

What’s one thing they can all agree on about working with you?

Well, artists like working with me because the work is usually mindful, and I'm not stuck on an idea. They get to be artists and a bit dramatic, so it is a good time.

What do you love most about getting a tattoo?

It's a wonderful release of control, also knowing that you are going to have something for the rest of your life and you are ok with it, that's what I love about all of this. I also think breathwork as a meditation through the actual tattoo is also great, so there’s that, too.

One other thing is that I never know what I’m going to get, even on the day that I get it – a tattoo for me is best in the moment. I really just trust my gut (and my artist).

Any recommendations you would make?

I obviously think Paul and Baked are amazing - @baked_ink on Instagram and @paul_wheatley_9 on Instagram. 

One fun fact about your tattoo journey...

My mom wasn't about them at first, remember, but she has one now, too.

Here is a collage with some more tattoos Keri has: 

Keri Tattoos
Keri Miller
Keri Tattoos
Keri Miller

Main Image Courtesy of Keri Miller 

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