Here are the amazing gems from Darren, Keri and Sky's week

Here are the amazing gems from Darren, Keri and Sky's week

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The week started and we were back in Durban after our visit to Johannesburg the previous week. There were so many stories and moments to share from that specific week. 

If you missed what had happened to Keri Miller last week Thursday/Friday, then catch up here: 

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Sky then shared the awkward moment when he was pulled aside at the airport as they returned. He had a 'dangerous' item in his bag so he had to be searched in isolation. 

You will be shocked at what it actually was. This experience prompted us to ask KZN listeners if they ever had a similar experience. 

Take a listen:

POLL: Will Elon Musk's $6-billion donation solve world hunger?

Elon Musk then trended yet again but this time it was not for a new invention or anything of that sort. He had been challenged to donate $6 billion to the UN in order to alleviate World Hunger by the head of the United Nations’ World Food Programme David Beasley on Twitter. 

He then also tossed the ball back and asked for a breakdown of the rollout plan of how this would go about, then he would consider taking on the challenge. 

Whilst money can solve so many problems in the world, we has to bring someone who is actively working in an environment where poverty and hunger are dealt with daily - Dan Rooney in Madagascar where there's the biggest famine disaster. 

Have a listen as he explains whether $6 billion is enough:

SA Powerpuff Girls

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Then such a fun story made Instagram shake - three girls from Joburg dressed up as Cartoon Network's 'Powerpuff Girls' for Halloween and created a video that made them trend. 

They now sit on 186k+ views on the Reel they created on Instagram remaking the title sequence of the superhero cartoon show. 

Watch the video on this page on our website. 

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And now, with petrol prices going up, loadshedding and so many more service delivery fails in the country food prices have also seen a hike. 

This was according to BusinessTech after extensive research at various supermarkets in parts of the country. 

The Household Affordability Index by the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice & Dignity group (PMBEJD) showed that basket prices over the last 12 months have increased by 10%. 

The average Household Food Basket increased by R98.08 (2.3%) month-on-month, and R400.83 (10.2%) year-on-year. That is a lot! 

Have a look at how impossible prices are in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town right now. 

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Nevertheless, we come back from an extremly hectic week of local government and we hope that since people are using their votes as voices a difference will be made. 

Have a listen at what it has meant for the ruling party:

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And that makes our first week of November! 

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