Keri Miller issues an apology after Google search gone wrong

Keri Miller issues an apology after Google search gone wrong

Earlier this week, Keri asked Darren and Sky to search for a very specific image...

Keri Miller Google upset
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DISCLAIMER: Not for sensitive viewers!

On Monday, Keri decided to kick-start the week in a very unconventional way.

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During the first few minutes of the show, the team was just busy with their usual banter when she wanted to show them something she had discovered over the weekend.

Little did they know what she had in store for them.

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She only had one simple request: that they Google the term 'newborn horse hoof'... and how bad could that really be?

Turns out it was more traumatic than anyone could have imagined.

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Before we continue on, you should listen to Darren and Sky's live reaction to the seemingly "innocent" search:

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To say they were shocked might be an understatement.

Now, the team recovered pretty quickly, but the real issue reared its head when throughout the day, Keri had started receiving multiple messages from family members and friends, and even DMs from listeners, asking her one question: "WHY WOULD YOU TELL US TO GOOGLE THAT?!"

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(The accompanying emojis ranged from the crying face to the green throwing up/nauseous face)

While it's not as gross as some of the other natural things that can be found out there, it is quite disturbing and even uncomfortable to look at.

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Keri had very good intentions and did not realise the impact this search would have on so many people.

She now knows her actions have consequences and chose to go on-air to issue an official apology:

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For those brave enough to risk it, we have provided an image of the above-mentioned Google search, but don't say we didn't warn you!

Newborn horse hooves

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At the end of the day, some good laughs were had and no-one could really stay mad at Keri!

Did everyone learn a lesson from all of this? Yes - think twice before you Google.

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