Keri Miller shares things NOT to say to your single friend

Keri Miller shares things NOT to say to your single friend

People who feel the urge to suddenly give relationship advice to single people - don't do it.

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With the boys in the team having a partner, Darren and Sky singled out Keri Miller for not being in a relationship.  

Single people aren't as lonely as people assume. Well, this at least applies to our Keri Miller. 

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Unfortunately, it gets annoying getting unsolicited advice hoping to get the single person into a relationship. The single person usually does not need to hear any of it. So here are the things not to say to her or any other single friends regarding their relationship status:

1. "But aren't you lonely?"

2. "Who's going to look after you when you're old?"

3. "You're not getting any younger..."

4. "Don't you miss being loved?"

5. "Are you not being too fussy?"

6. "How do you sleep without someone next to you?"

All the above are some of the things Keri Miller, as a newly single lady, hopes you will not say to her or any of your single friends. 

But there is more from our Twitter and Facebook followers...

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We also asked the question: "What do you wish other people would stop saying?", and you guys responded with gems for us: 

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Dear single people, we hope that this will get all the other people in relationships, your friends, and parents off your back.

Happy Singles Day, guys! 


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