Keri's magnificent safari journal

Keri's magnificent safari journal

Keri pens her time away in nature with animals beautifully. Have a glimpse of how she spent her  week-long break.

Keri safari car
Keri Miller

In June 2020, I was given the opportunity to join the team from the Zululand conservation trust for a white rhino dehorning.

In September 2020 I went back to Manyoni Private Game Reserve and got the chance to stay at Leopard Mountain.

It was basically a no-brainer when we were told we had a week’s leave, Manyoni Game Reserve was calling. This time, the Greek and I took advantage of the South African resident specials (you’re looking at 40% off) and tried the amazing Rhino Sands luxury tented camp. OH MY FLIP. A-MAY-ZING.

Sunset Keri
Keri Miller
Just over three hours north of Durban, Manyoni is right off the N2. With all the different options of accommodation, there really is something for everyone. It runs off donations and funding and is doing incredible work for the conservation of our animals.

We were there for four nights and had some really magnificent sightings.

I saw an actual pangolin. It was part of a release programme after it was found in the boot of a car in Jozi. It was quite something to see one in real life. So sad that they are the most trafficked animal out of our country.

On the way to see the pangolin, we spotted two black rhino (both dehorned, which is what has kept the poachers out of Manyoni).

We also got to see LOTS of white rhino, beautiful giraffe, we saw lions on a wildebeest kill, also a lion in a tree (that was wild), we saw crocs, hippos, terrapins, all the buck, warthog, zebra, buffalo, wildebeest, so many great birds. My fave were the secretary bird and the vultures, so big and just pretty amazing to see live.

Oh my goodness, I also saw my first cheetah! And I also got to see a pack of wild dogs, if you know wildlife, you will know what an epic sighting wild dogs are, AND we got to see them kill a nyala, great for us, not to great for the nyala (RIP, nyala).

Take a look at this gallery with pictures I captured of some of the animals: 

Keri Lion
Keri Miller

We also happened to be there for the full SUPER moon and that was just next level. Seeing the sunset over Zululand while the full moon rose behind us… it is something I will never forget.

Keri Miller

The guides are so brilliant there too. They all keep in close contact with each other so if there is a great sighting, there is more chance of seeing it, but you know, nature is nature, things move.

Every morning we would wake up around 5:40am and head out shortly after for our morning drive, followed by a snack and coffee in the bush. You get back to camp around 9am after watching the wild wake up, and have the most amazing breakfast back at the camp.

After that, the Greek and I would play backgammon then he would nap and I would get a little yoga, meditation or work out in. Running in that area is so cool because you kind of feel like prey and you go faster than you ever have.

There was a pool there, freezing water, but no way was I going to be there and not have a swim in the bush.

Keri Yoga
Keri Miller

Around 2pm is lunch and then you go out for your afternoon game drive. Dress warmly because as the sun goes down… wowzers… Zululand is fresh. The evening drives were so lovely and watching the sun go down with a glass of bubbly listening to nature… really there is nothing better.

The full moon was a beautiful addition to a really stunning night sky. Nights were sat around the fire with a glass of wine, some more delicious food and just recalling what we’d seen during the day.

Keri food
Keri Miller

As much as every single thing at Rhino Sands is five-star, my favourite was being off the phone. It just added something so special to disconnect and just reconnect with nature and have some real quiet time. It’s a must for our souls. Really.

I am so incredibly happy that I get to call this province home. I have fallen in love with KZN over and over again. And if you haven’t been exploring what’s on your doorstep yet, this is your sign. Everything we offer is really so incredible, and it shouldn’t have taken a pandemic for us to realise that we really do live in paradise. That said, the South African rates have also made these places way more accessible for us earning in rands.

Keri and the Greek
Keri Miller

Thank you, KZN.

Thank you, Zululand Conservation Trust.

Thank you, Manyoni Private Game Reserve.

Thank you, Rhino Sands, and thank you, nature! 

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