LISTEN: Is Keri Miller a hater or is she being 'real'?

LISTEN: Is Keri Miller a hater or is she being 'real'?

Jennifer Lopez's youthful skin has come under scrutiny once again, and this time it is from the Breakfast team.

Keri Miller
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Jennifer Lopez has had to do a lot of clapping back lately, as more and more social media users question her glowing skin, suggesting that she has undergone surgery.

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The 'I'm Real' hitmaker has had to fight off some haters for years regarding her "good genes" (including her body) and it seems as if Keri Miller also has some unanswered questions. 

On Wednesday morning when Darren Maule spoke about the musician's beauty, Keri Miller could not help but chip in. We all know that Keri does not hold back on her opinion, whether good or bad. She definitely had something to say about JLO and her main concern is how is it possible for a 51-year-old to have absolutely no lines on her face.

Listen below:

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Catch up with moments from the latest edition of Darren, Keri, and Sky below:

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