Keanu Reeves buys 'John Wick' stunt team members gifts worth R150k each!

Keanu Reeves buys 'John Wick' stunt team members gifts worth R150k each!

Good guy Keanu Reeves strikes again.

Keanu Reeves gifts 'John Wick' stunt members Rolex watch

Actors and actresses with genuinely good hearts are few and far between.

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While we might be able to speculate about a Hollywood celeb's character, we will never truly know what type of person they are except for the news that is provided to us through interviews, tabloids, and other second-hand sources.

And let's be honest - everything in Hollywood is a bit fake.

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Most celebrities will also not be able to go through life, having a successful career, without a few public blunders. Whether it's an interaction with a fan gone wrong or the utterance of a racial slur canceling their career, they all seem to have less than impressive moments.

Except for one actor and one actor only.

The great Keanu Reeves.

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Whenever you see the name Keanu Reeves on the trending list, there is no need for panic because it is usually accompanied by some heartwarming story about how Keanu was being his sweet self.

And the latest Keanu news will only make you love him more.

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In recent years, Keanu has been the lead actor in the 'John Wick' movie franchise and the forthcoming release, 'John Wick: Chapter 4', has just wrapped on filming.

Just this week the star was spotted dining with fellow 'John Wick' stuntmen Bruce Lee Concepcion, Jeremy Marinas, Dave Camarillo, and Li Qiang at the Le Bistro Paul Bert in Paris.

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But what captured everyone's attention was the gifts that Keanu had bought his crew members.

While most of us might give our co-workers a R100 gift card and a bunch of flowers, Keanu gave his co-workers a gift worth R150,000 each.

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According to the Robb Report, Reeves gave each of the stuntmen a personalised Rolex Submariners watch that Rolex says is its 'first divers' wristwatch that can go to a depth of 100m and retails at £7,300 (R150k)!

Keanu Reeves stuntmen Rolex gift

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And just when you thought this incredible gift couldn't get any cooler, it does.

Keanu also engraved each watch with a personal message for each of the stuntmen.

The inscription reads: "The John Wick Five" followed by the crew member's name and ends with "Thank you... Keanu... JW4 2021."

Keanu Reeves Rolex stuntmen John Wick gift
Keanu Reeves Rolex stuntmen John Wick gift

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Good guy Keanu really can do no wrong.

Whereas our colleagues will be receiving a strongly worded email about new birthday gift expectations!

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