WATCH: Strangers give homeless man and his family a new home

WATCH: Strangers give homeless man and his family a new home

We're not crying, you're crying...

Homeless man Tony receives home

They say it's possible to have too much of a good thing, but we believe that you can never have too much good news.

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If there's one thing the world needs it's to feel more joy and we are very much here for it.

In these days, when it's easy to lose faith in humanity, it's good to remember that there are still many positive things happening every day and that there are so many wonderful people out there.

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Whether it's something big or something small, every day is an opportunity to change lives. Even if it's your own.

But if you've been struggling a bit today and you could use a pick-me-up, then we have an emotional and uplifting story you'll love.

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TikToker Charlie, known on social media as Charlie 'Rocket', is on a mission to help as many people as he possibly can.

His most recent project saw him trying to help a homeless man named Tony.

Tony has been living in his car for two years and the pandemic had also made his life incredibly difficult.

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Charlie decided to use his resources to help Tony get his life back together by giving him a home to call his own and by helping him get closer to reaching his dreams.

Watch the beautiful moment below:

A quick behind the scenes look at how they managed to get the house ready for Tony and his family:

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But Tony's journey to getting back on his feet did not start with a house.

Charlie first started helping Tony when they asked him what his dream was and found out that he really wanted to own his own food truck.

So they set out to make it happen:

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You can check out the rest of Tony's journey here.

We're rooting for you, Tony!

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