He said, she said: 10 things men say that make women angry

He said, she said: 10 things men say that make women angry

Warning: this piece contains phrases/words that wives, girlfriends, mothers or sisters might find triggering.

Things men say that make women angry

If at any point in time you or someone you know is triggered by the contents of this blog, then we apologise in advance.

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But this could also be incredibly helpful to any and all men.

A whole list of things you should not be saying to women?

That can only be a good thing!

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And let's not lie, no matter how happy and "perfect" a couple is, there will always be something that, when said, has the ability to infuriate, irritate or upset one of the parties involved.

"I don't think that dress is flattering."

"I said I'm fine."

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These are still pretty mild, but you see where we're going with this.

Sometimes your person might just say the wrong thing and hopefully, it's not on purpose.

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If they do say something upsetting on purpose, then that's a whole other conversation for a different day. For now, we just wanted to know what exactly it is men say that get women so very upset.

While most of these mentioned below are very specific and might only upset a handful of women, as it turns out there are some really, really bad ones that are probably close to annoying every woman ever.

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Stacey and J Sbu wanted to find out what are the most triggering things KZN's partners have said to them:

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