Eavesdropping woman takes to Twitter to expose a married man's cheating ways

Eavesdropping woman takes to Twitter to expose a married man's cheating ways

The internet is extra messy this Friday.

Woman exposes cheating man on Twitter eavesdropping

No matter how hard we try, sometimes you accidentally hear something you shouldn't.

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Sure, eavesdropping might be intentional every now and then but in public places, it often happens that you might hear something you just know you weren't supposed to.

Or maybe you hear a story so juicy and so full of drama that you just can't help but lean a little closer or focus your attention on the conversation.

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One Twitter user decided to use her powers for good after she heard a conversation between a man named Siya and his colleague.

Needless to say, Miss Lerato chose violence this morning and hopefully Mr Siya has been held accountable for his actions:

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She went even further and was able to give the precise flight number the man in question was on:

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While a lot of women commended Lerato for exposing this man and his unfaithful ways, there were those who wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine:

This started a very interesting debate over whether this is "homewrecker" behaviour or not:

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Either way, the lady whose man this is will definitely not be having the best weekend.

If you enjoy other people's drama but you don't like eavesdropping, then we have some interesting Instagram accounts that you should follow or just check out for some light entertainment.

First up is Overheard Celebs, which posts stories from people who have had crazy, strange, and hilarious stories of the interactions they have had with celebrities:

Or Overheard Johannesburg (there isn't an Overheard Durban yet so we have to settle...)

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