WATCH: TikToker claims to have discovered that iPhone cameras are fake

WATCH: TikToker claims to have discovered that iPhone cameras are fake

Has Apple been bamboozling us all this time?

TikToker reveals iPhone cameras are fake

Every year we are bombarded with the release of new and improved phones.

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This company is telling you all the cool new features their phone has while another is trying to convince you that theirs is even better!

And as the new phones keep popping up, the prices keep going up as well. But it makes sense because phones are getting more and more technologically advanced.

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Unless they aren't.

A few years ago, Apple released the iPhone 11, 12, and 13 Pro versions and they introduced three back-facing cameras to the new models.

This is obviously meant to improve the pictures taken on the phone.

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However, one TikToker might have exposed Apple by claiming that two of the three cameras are actually fake!

Kayla, @kaylathayla, recently discovered that iPhone cameras might be fake when she decided to film herself with an iPhone while in front of a mirror to prove her point.

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Standing in front of the mirror she proceeds to cover up all three cameras while filming the result.

Watch the video below to see what happens:


I’m so confused... are they fake?😭😂#iphone #conspiracies #apple

♬ MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) - Lil Nas X

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As you can see, only one of the cameras was blacked out when she put her finger over it and she believes this confirms her theory that the other two don't work, otherwise they would have blacked out as well.

Only there is a very simple explanation for this.

And a very logical one as well.

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While there might be three cameras on the iPhone Pro series devices, they are not all being used at the same time.

This means that it is all dependent on the settings being used with the different lenses offering different functions.

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If she were to zoom in or out, the other lenses might have jumped into action or if the lighting changes, but as it turns out, in this specific video, only one of the lenses was needed.

And luckily other users were quick to explain the situation to Kayla before she caused mass hysteria:

Watch: woman claims iphone cameras are fake
Watch: woman claims iphone cameras are fake

Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any shady camera business going on here and we can all rest easy again.

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