SEE: Shoppers baffled by bizarre food description on shop website

SEE: Shoppers baffled by bizarre food description on shop website

That embarrassing moment where you forget to check your work before submitting it.

Bizarre food description on Sainsburys website
Sainsbury's Website

It's happened before: a company employee accidentally forgets to log out of the business social media account and sends out a tweet that was actually meant for their own personal account.

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Another same but different version of this little mistake is when an employee has to write a piece for the company and they forget to properly check their work before posting.

Think back to when you would write essays and you give it a temporary name, only to forget to change it to something more acceptable before submitting it to your teacher. 

Just us? Well, this is awkward...

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But also not as awkward as it probably was for this Sainsbury's employee who had to explain why they had to edit the website post they had made. After it went viral, of course.

The 'This Isn't Pork Plant-Based Sausages' item could be part of some elaborate marketing scheme or the copywriter forgot to edit their work.

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Either way, it's pretty funny.

Sainsbury's food description error
Sainsbury's Website

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In the product post below the description of the sausages starts off completely normal:

"Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Plant-based sausages made from pea protein.

High in protein
High In fibre
100% plant-based"

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Still seems completely fine, until you read the next half of the description:

Sainsbury's food description error
Sainsbury's Website

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If you need some help reading the fine print here it is: "Nobodyreadddssstheeeseeee spaaarrreeeee spppapaaa ccceee onnn thissorryThisssssssspaaackkkkkk uuuuu "uuuuuuuuummmrrmmmmmmmmm "haveitthewordcountyetwhambamthankyoumamsupercalafragilisticex piealidocious "fillerfillerfillerfilleryesssssss icannntttbellliievvveethiisismyyyjobbbblollllllllsssbyeee."

If we had to analyse the work, the most notable parts would have to be "nobody reads these", "have it the word count yet", "wham bam thank you mam" and the most hilarious one, "i cannnttt bellliievvvee thiis is my jobbbb lollllllllsss byeee."

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The product has since been removed from the website but unfortunately for this employee, internet screenshots remain forever.

And clearly, this person has some very specific feelings about their current occupation.

Maybe they should re-evaluate that next time and not take it out on the poor sausages.

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