Man reveals his date's very forward request for their meet-up

Man reveals his date's very forward request for their meet-up

The who-pays-for-the-bill debate has reached a new, much more interesting and bizarre level.

Man's date asks most outrageous question request fuel
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There will always be a debate over whether men should cover the bill on a date, which is considered chivalrous, or if women, wanting to be seen as equals, want to split the bill.

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It's a fight for the ages and we might never know the right answer.

But there are clearly some people who are willing to push the limits on a romantic date, hoping to see exactly what they can get out of you.

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It's one thing expecting a man to pay for dinner but if you do believe that the guy has to pay, at least on the first date, how much of the date must he cover?

One man was shocked when his date decided to really push her luck.

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Posting on the Reddit thread r/CasualUK, user TheClever1 showed a conversation that he just had to share.

The conversation shows an interaction between him and his date as they discuss their plans.

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The two of them confirm what time they'll be meeting up and he also says that he'll have a drink waiting for her, so far so good.

Then the woman goes on to ask one of the most outrageous questions we've ever seen a person ask their date.

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Read the full conversation below:

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Ridiculous, right?

Are we right to assume that when going on a date, you don't ask the interested party to sponsor your trip? Unless maybe you live in Durban and your date lives in the Drakensberg, but they want you to travel to them. Then you might be able to claim travel expenses.

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For the most part, we can all totally agree that this was very possibly a red flag and that this man had luckily dodged a bullet!

If you are looking to become more educated on the subject of relationship red flags, then make sure you check out the podcast below where Stacey and J Sbu discuss financial red flags or read more about it here.

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