The DIY's that got us through lockdown in 2020

The DIY's that got us through lockdown in 2020

The time has come to say goodbye to 2020, but first, we must reminisce on the (chaotic) year that was...

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It seems like just yesterday when the world finally realised that the COVID-19 pandemic was very real.

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Soon most of us were confined to our homes, and by then big parts of the world had already been in lockdown for a while.

Although we had nowhere to go, viral videos and trends were still making waves on social media; they were just all very DIY/home-based.

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One of the most popular do-it-yourself trends to come out of quarantine and lockdown has to be the resurgence of a popular 60's fashion style: tie-dye!

Who saw this one coming? Not us! But it has to be one of the most fun, and family-friendly DIY's that you could do because most of the tools were already in your home:

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During a global pandemic and most of lockdown, hair was the least of our concerns.

With no access to our regular salons and barbers, hair grew weird and wild.

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And since we weren't really seeing anyone and didn't have to put any effort into going out, no-one really cared what our hair looked like.

But at one point, especially trying to support that industry, people decided to try their hand at home haircuts. 

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And while there were many successful DIY haircuts, there were just as many hilarious fails:

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TikTok could also be considered THE trendsetting platform for 2020.

Even with the tie-dye, haircuts, and everything in between, the app was where most of these trends originated and exploded into the viral sensations we know today.

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Many of these being food-related.

From the Dalgona Coffee (that, let's be honest, confused many of us when we first saw it) to mini pancake cereal and even pineapple beer:

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And we need to give a shoutout to banana bread.

The OG of the lockdown trends.

The staple food for most households during this time.

The moist, delicious baked good that helped most of us keep our sanity.

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Although we wouldn't be mad if we never see another banana bread again, we will never forget our time together.

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Will, any of these make a comeback in years to come? Maybe.

While these trends and DIY's provided us with lots of entertainment and some much-needed laughs every now and then, we are happy to leave them in 2020... for now.

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