Velvet nails are the hottest new manicure trend

Velvet nails are the hottest new manicure trend

Manicures and nail art have come a long way since the classic French manicure...

Velvet nails

Fashion and beauty trends are always evolving, so much so that sometimes it might be hard to even try and keep up.

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But that doesn't mean we don't love seeing it!

Manicures and nail trends are one of the many that seem to be ever-changing and introducing us to various new styles.

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Just like any other creative industry, it is fascinating to see these artists create new designs and come up with incredible ways of constantly changing the nail-game.

The latest to do so is Los Angeles based nail-artist Amy Le.

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Her work is truly beautiful and you can definitely see she knows what she's doing!

Just look at these intricate festive designs she's done:

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But she is also the person responsible for the latest nail trend - velvet nails:

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Without using any type of actual velvet material on the nails, she is able to create the illusion of the material.

This truly takes glitter and metallic manicures to the next level, all thanks to the right nail polish and the way light reflects off of the manicure.

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In the end, you get the look without having fuzzy nails, and instead, you're still left with a manicure that is smooth to the touch but looks like a million bucks.

Here are a few other examples of beautiful velvet nails:

Next time you get your nails done, you'll know exactly what to ask for.

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Main image courtesy of Amy Le Official Instagram

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