'Coming 2 America' sequel trailer upsets viewers

'Coming 2 America' sequel trailer upsets viewers

The original 'Coming To America', in which Eddie Murphy plays the role of an African Prince, is a wholesome family movie loved by many. But the sequel is receiving mixed reviews...

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Fans of the first 'Coming To America' were super excited when news broke of a follow-up movie being released soon.

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The new 'Coming 2 America' movie is set after the first movie and follows the journey of Prince Akeen Joffer (Eddie Murphy) as he becomes King of Zamunda, but not without a few plot twists.

The most important being the discovery of a son in America that he never knew he had.

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With the original movie being a cinematic classic, fans were waiting to see the latest film. Still, many were left disappointed after viewing the teaser trailer for the first time.  

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The African community has spoken up about their concerns about the movie, like how the African culture is depicted and that they find some parts very offensive.

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It seems like most of the concerns raised are in regards to the mention of Hotel Rwanda, which refers to the Rwandan genocide of 1994, and the degrading assumptions that have generally been made about the African continent and culture.

And although there has been some backlash, there have also been many positive responses to the movie as well, leading to confusion as to whether the movie might be a hit or a miss:

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While most of these comments were made based on only the trailer, we'll have to wait until the full movie has been released to see if the sequel will be able to live up to the expectations the iconic original has set.

Will it be a streaming sensation, or will it face a cultural clap-back? Only time will tell.

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