Nick Cannon welcomes baby daughter and you'll never guess what her name is...

Nick Cannon welcomes baby daughter and you'll never guess what her name is...

It's almost as if you need to give your kids the strangest, weirdest and most out-there names to keep your celebrity status alive.

Nick Cannon baby

When it comes to baby names, celebrities keep surprising us with interesting and truly creative names for their children.

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From North West to X Æ A-12 (Elon Musk's choice) and everything in between, it seems like no name other than something super unusual will do for these stars.

And just before the end of this surprising year, we have one more celeb revealing their very special baby name.

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Rapper and host Nick Cannon and his girlfriend, Brittany Bell, have welcomed their second child and they couldn't be happier.

Cannon is already a proud father to nine-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, from his previous marriage to Mariah Carey, and couldn't be happier about the latest arrival.

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The pair announced the birth of their daughter on Instagram just in time for Christmas, saying that they couldn't have asked for a better gift.

But what really grabbed the internet's attention was the name of their daughter:

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Yes, that's right, meet Queen Powerful Cannon.

As per usual, nothing is off-limits and while we agree that you can name your child whatever your heart desires, being in the spotlight like these celebs are, you should be prepared for any and all reactions.

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And while some of these reactions have been mixed, there are a few that truly stand out:

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One thing is for sure: the whole world will be keeping their eyes on his daughter now to see what great things she will one day accomplish.

No pressure.

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Main image courtesy of Nick Cannon Official Instagram

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