15 parenting posts that truly capture the spirit of the festive season

15 parenting posts that truly capture the spirit of the festive season

The festive season is a time filled with joy, happiness, and love... but you also have to keep the kids busy and entertained, while keeping everything else together.

Parent fail

The summer holidays are a fun, care-free time, and parents are obviously excited to be spending precious quality time with their kids.

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But being completely honest: parenting is hard.

While there are many great moments, there can also be the occasional struggle.

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And keeping your kids entertained and happy during a global pandemic, which means being stuck at home and not being able to do the usual summer activities, makes it even harder.

Sometimes seeing someone going through the same experiences as you and fighting the same battles, can make you feel a little better and less alone.

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It can also provide a much-needed laugh!

So we decided to round up the most relatable parenting posts from all across the internet that will definitely have you yelling "SAME!"


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Where do children get their never-ending supply of energy from... and can we have some?

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Sometimes a little trickery and a few white lies are necessary:

And they really say the darndest things:

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You have now entered a completely judgement-free zone:

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And the most accurate Christmas tweet goes to:

All jokes aside, this year has taught us a lot.

Most importantly it reminded us to keep our loved ones close (but not too close, because social distancing is a thing) and never take the time we spend with them for granted.

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

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