The top TikTok beauty trends of 2020

The top TikTok beauty trends of 2020

Quarantine and lockdown might have put a stop to getting all dressed up and going out, but that only made people get even more creative at home!

Two tone brow

Like every other year, at the start of 2020, people were ready to turn looks.

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Whether it was fashion or makeup, people were excited to get dressed up and show off.

But we quickly had to adapt to a life of leisurewear, and no-makeup filled days.

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Although a lot of people, like makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, have been keeping the creativity going throughout the year with a bunch of new makeup tricks, tips, and trends.

The first of the most popular beauty trends for this year involved eyebrows.

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Now eyebrows and eyebrow-related trends have had their fair share of controversy over the years. Still, one thing everyone now understands is that eyebrows are SUPER important, and the bolder, the better.

This year natural brows were kicked to the curb, and two-tone brows took centre stage, with most people pushing it even further by matching their eyeshadow to their brow colour:

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Something that wasn't all too surprising was the rainbow makeup trend.

Clearly a favourite every year, it's a colour palette that most people tend to gravitate to.

This year saw more innovative looks, more creativity and exceptional talents being used within the rainbow theme:

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On the more mystical and dreamy side are the cloud eyes.

These cloudy eyeshadow looks had us making heart eyes!

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Any normal well-executed eye look can be beautiful, but the fine details and intricate designs of these looks have coloured us impressed.

Even the twist every individual has put on the cloudy designs to make it their own:

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Makeup artists have used this next makeup trick for years, but finally, we normal folk can also walk around with seamless foundation.

If you haven't tried it out yet, this is your chance, just follow the steps in the video below:


I SWEAR BY THIS #xyzcba #xyzbca #fypchallenge #makeuptutorial #makeup #nyc #fup #fy #smirk #makeuphacks #lifehack

♬ original sound - Jarida

But just as the year saw some of the best beauty tips and trends, it also saw the WORS.

And the top terrible trend has to be, without a doubt, this one:


i might’ve just did something ##fyp ##foxeye

♬ original sound - mac

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For some reason, teenagers tried to copy the classic Bella Hadid/Kendall Jenner makeup look, the fox which led to #TheFoxEyeChallenge.

Apparently part of this look includes shaving the ends of your eyebrows.

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Don't ask us to make sense of this, but luckily it came to a swift end.

Just like this year is finally coming to an end and we can't wait to see what crazy and quirky beauty trends await us in 2021!

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Main image courtesy of glitterlyss/Instagram

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