KFC created a console more powerful than the PS5!

KFC created a console more powerful than the PS5!

And it has something no other gaming console has ever had - a food warming chamber.

KFC console

The release of the Sony PlayStation 5 was one of the few things that brought joy and excitement to the year 2020.

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While most would consider their biggest competitors to be Xbox, Nintendo, and other tech giants, one unexpected company came out of nowhere and decided to release a console to rival all other gaming consoles.

KFC has entered the chat.

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The fried chicken tycoons have teamed up with CoolerMaster to create a one-of-a-kind PC gaming console, with components from Intel, Seagate, and Asus and it's called - the 'KFConsole'.

Now for the techy details: they claim that it can run games at a resolution of 4k at 240 frames per second.

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This means that it can take more than the Xbox One and PlayStation 5 can manage, and it can also run virtual reality games.

As if that's not cool enough, the console is shaped like the iconic Bargain Bucket!

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But the one component that makes it insanely unique is the fact that the heat generated by the machine is transferred through a cooling system to a chamber, the chicken chamber, where it is used to keep your finger-lickin' chicken warm.

This means you won't have to pause your intense gaming session for too long whenever you need a tasty snack.

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The cost and release date have yet to be announced but KFC has said that if Sony or Xbox need any tips on creating their own food-heating chamber, they would be more than happy to help.

KFConsole 2

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The internets response to this innovative design has also been hilariously entertaining:

Most gaming platforms have had to remove the game because it was giving players too many issues.

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Although 2020 was filled with many unexpected twists and turns, we can honestly say: we never saw this coming!

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Main image courtesy of KFC Official Twitter

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