These are the only tips and tricks that will keep mosquitoes away!

These are the only tips and tricks that will keep mosquitoes away!

We all know and loath these little pests, and granted they might be necessary for the survival of the world, the circle of life, or whatever, but that doesn't mean we have to endure the itchy pain of their tiny bites.


Growing up, your parents might have told you that people with "sweet" blood are more attractive to mosquitoes and are more likely to be bitten.

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This isn't the only mosquito myth out there and there are many more where that came from.

KZN has an abundance of these flying menaces and Durban has even seen a massive increase in mosquito numbers (which could be the result of global warming).

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So there couldn't be a better time of the year to discuss what attracts mosquitoes and what you could possibly do to keep them away.

Today Carol Ofori won't be debunking any myths.

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Instead, she chose to share some much-needed advice, tips, and tricks for avoiding these pesky buggers altogether.

But before we get into the avoidance techniques, it's important to note that mosquitoes find their targets by detecting their carbon monoxide output. 

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In other words, they are likely to find you every time you breathe out.

And you can't just stop breathing!

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Those who enjoy snacking on humans are also attracted to skin odour, which is determined by the microbes actually living on your skin.

Until scientists can come up with a full-proof way of avoiding mosquitoes without cutting off our respiratory system and removing our skin, you can use these tips and tricks to remove any "secondary cues" they use for target detection:

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