Expert says that tennis balls can help with snoring

Expert says that tennis balls can help with snoring

It seems like the ball is in your court if you want to put an end to the noisiest sleep-related issue.


Snoring is probably one of the only things that almost every single person on Earth has to deal with.

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You might be the one affected by it, having restless, sleepless nights because someone in your home is sawing logs at midnight.

Or you might be the snorer. The actual culprit that is responsible for the lack of sleep amongst others. 

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Your snoring could also possibly be SO intense that you wake yourself up through the night.

Either way, snoring is the worst.

For decades, since the first heavy exhale and even louder inhale, people have been working on solutions for this disruptive sleeping habit.

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From nose-strips to actual sleep clinics, there seems to be something that kind of works for everyone but not all are successful.

What no-one probably ever considered was using tennis balls.

On This Morning, a British talk show, the hosts were shocked when they first heard the words tennis balls leave their guest's mouth.

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Dr. Sophie Bostock appeared on the show and delivered this seemingly obvious hack for anyone who is having snoring troubles.

Although most people would never have considered taking sporting equipment to bed, the explanation does seem to clarify things and actually makes sense!

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Apparently, you are more likely to snore when you sleep on your back so to help you refrain from sleeping in this position you could put something beneath your back that makes it much more uncomfortable.

This is where the tennis ball comes in and gets its time to shine.

You can watch the full video below as Dr. Bostock explains the hack in detail:

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Turns out we actually should have known about this sooner as it has been written about on the NHS website and multiple other online publications.

So from now on, if anyone needs some snore avoidance advice, you can tell them to avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, and smoking - just don't forget the balls.

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