"Durban is my everything but my boyfriend wants me to move!"

"Durban is my everything but my boyfriend wants me to move!"

Relationships are all about compromise, but what do you do when your significant other expects too much?


When you start dating someone, you try your best to like the things they like.

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If they love fishing, you love fishing. If they love staying home and watching movies, you love staying home and watching movies.

Because at the end of the day, it works vice versa as well.

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When you tell them about something you enjoy or share something that's interesting, they'll try their best to listen, give you their full attention or join in as best they can.

It's about doing things that aren't necessarily your vibe but it makes your partner happy, so it makes you happy.

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Some things are easier said than done.

What if it's not just having to tag along on their adventure or show interest in their hobbies?

What if it's about moving away from everything you know and love?

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Today on #KeepOrCut, an anonymous listener is having some serious doubts:

"Hey Vic,

I’m 31 years old and have been dating this guy for just over four years now and things are pretty perfect and we’ll probably get married.

But, he has just been offered a job in Cape Town and is keen to relocate. I’m not at all happy to move. 

My whole life is in Durban: My job, my friends, my family, my entire support system is here. 

And if I don’t move with him, it means we have to break up as I’m definitely not doing a long-distance relationship. 

Should I keep or cut this relationship?" - Anon. from Westville

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Take a listen to find out what the final verdict on this sticky situation was:

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