"I once went to dinner with Patrick Swayze..."

"I once went to dinner with Patrick Swayze..."

They say you should never meet your heroes, because they might not meet your expectations...


Famous singers, bands, actors, and actresses all have one thing in common: everyone adores them.

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Well, there might be a few celebs who are more unpleasant than others, but, generally, fans tend to admire, love, and obsess over their favourite stars.

And they definitely dream of meeting them one day!

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What are the chances though?

It's not like your going to be bumping into Rihanna in Clicks or see Shekhinah grabbing some veggies in Checkers.

The latter, however, might still happen and isn't as unlikely as Rihanna scenario, but you get the idea.

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Now the other thing to consider is: what do you do after spotting a famous face?

Do you head over to the person and ask for a selfie? Do you talk to them like they're just another normal person?

What happens when you become completely starstruck and you can't get a single word out?

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These are all very possible outcomes!

Either way, meeting a celeb is an experience that you won't forget any time soon, whether it was the best day of your life or your most embarrassing moment.

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Vic recently found out that Rory might have met the same band, TWICE! 

Vic has also had his fair share of celeb interactions but he wanted to hear KZN's stories, because nobody puts baby in a corner:

For more unmissable Vic Naidoo moments, listen here:

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