Did Vic Naidoo really date an Israeli popstar?

Did Vic Naidoo really date an Israeli popstar?

Vic has assembled his radio team and together they are spilling some truths... and maybe a few lies.


Unfortunately, lying is a part of the human condition.

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Try as we may, everyone lies sometimes.

Little white lies that could prevent hurt feelings or bigger lies that can feel like the heaviest of burdens.

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It's almost part of our human nature and although it may seem like a terrible thing to do, it doesn't have to be all bad.

Some people are also better at telling a lie than others and just have no choice other than telling the truth because they wouldn't be able to convince you otherwise anyway.

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If you really get to know someone you might be able to discover they have a tell.

Now according to Merriam-Webster, tell found its origins in poker (where one has to be very good at putting a spin on the truth) and is: "an inadvertent behavior or mannerism that betrays a poker player's true thoughts, intentions, or emotions."

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Examples of a tell might be nervous fidgeting, biting the lip, scratching an ear, the list is endless because it can be different for every person.

Although as mentioned before, if you know someone or know how to spot a tell, then you can easily distinguish the trustworthy truth-tellers from the lousy liars.

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Today Vic decided to put KZN to the test and have them uncover some truths about his team.

The game: Vic and his producers will each tell a story. One will be true and the other two will be fabricated.

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You have to decide which one is the truth but unfortunately, you won't be able to see any of their faces of behaviours, making it a little harder to determine.

But go ahead and take a listen below to see if you can figure out which person on Team Vic actually told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth:

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