WATCH: Man captures the moment he was struck by lightning

WATCH: Man captures the moment he was struck by lightning

WARNING: This video is not suitable for sensitive viewers.

Lightning strike

When there is a thunder and lightning storm happening outside, your safest bet is to head inside a solid structure.

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You never want to be the most exposed object in the area.

Never head towards any big areas of water, never stand underneath a tree or if you are on elevated ground, head on down to more level ground.

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Now we’ve handled the safety tips.

Jose Omar de Oliveria was lucky enough to escape completely unscathed when he was struck by lightning in Brazil.

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Although we can only assume that being hit by a bolt of lighting isn’t something you ever forget, Jose has another permanent reminder of this accident.

He managed to capture the entire moment on video.

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He was filming his beautiful surroundings and was speaking of ‘God’s nature’ and ‘clear skies’ when he was hit, and he screamed.

De Oliveria instantly ran to shelter when he had realised what had happened.

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Apparently, there really is absolutely nothing wrong with him except that his flip flops were destroyed.

Not everyone can be this lucky so remember: "When thunder roars, go indoors!"

Luckily for Jose, lightning never strikes the same place twice!

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