SEE: Priceless moments from Darren, Keri, and Sky's festive break

SEE: Priceless moments from Darren, Keri, and Sky's festive break

While we were away, this is what we go up to...

Darren and Anna dancing
Darren Maule

With Keri Miller away from social media during our break and Darren keeping social media use to a minimum, you probably missed the personalities a little more. 

These holidays were important for our beloved trio to reconnect, re-centre, and rejuvenate themselves after a long and challenging year. 

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Darren spent his festive season with family and friends right here in Durban. You might have seen pictures of him and Anna Banana on the beach this Christmas. 

What is more calming and perfect than the sound of the ocean, with fun in the sun with your loved ones? 

If you have never seen Darren Maule's mother, have a look at the woman who saw it all here: 

Darren Maule mom
Darren Maule

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Another notable event that Maule celebrated these holidays was his sobriety anniversary! 

Yes, he has been free of alcohol and other substances for a commendable amount of years now...

Darren Maule sober
Darren Maule

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Darren Maule, you can definitely take a bow for this one! 

We are extremely proud of this achievement that has changed your life and the lives of those around you for the better! 

And now, do you ever ask yourself how big is the Kelly-Maule household? 

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Since Darren and Anna tied the knot, the circle is considerably bigger. 

Have a look here: 

Kelly-Maule household
Darren Maule

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Keri Miller and nature are synonymous by now, right? Yes, she was at Bayete Zulu Manyoni Reserve.

She was also at Ghost Mountain Inn and Beach House these holidays. 

Have a look at some beautiful snaps she shared from her adventures into nature and from Sky's baby shower with Sky's mom. 

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Our fave parents-to-be had their baby shower these holidays! 

There might have been some pictures from Sky and Clarise on social media on the day, but we some pictures of the entire family. 

Have a look at the grandparents-to-be and the aunts and uncles-to-be:

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So, there you have it. 

We were all well-behaved this festive season!

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Main Image Courtesy: Darren Maule

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