WATCH: The very best of Darren's Decade

WATCH: The very best of Darren's Decade

We celebrated a radio legend in a legendary way. 

Darren's Decade
East Coast Radio

We celebrated and highlighted Darren Maule's radio presence at the station - 10 whole years on the Breakfast Show. Unfortunately, the KZN unrest started as we were about to delve into it, but we did our best given the circumstances. 

Some of the highlights? We really enjoyed the first and the last episode because they featured two of the most important people in his life. 

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The opening episode of the series featured Mouse as she interrogated her father curiously about his favourite items, hobbies, and treasured memories in life. 

We got to meet Darren Maule at his most vulnerable and literally hear him be a dad. 

Take a listen:

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In the final episode of the podcast, we had Anna Banana, who has been a wife to our Darren Maule for about seven months. 

They used the popular format of Vogue's 75 Questions where Darren had to answer questions asked as fast as possible. 

In this episode, we get to experience the quirky relationship they share. 

Take a listen as Darren describes his first car:

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 And how exactly did Darren Maule get hired and stay on East Coast Radio for more than a decade?

Darren got to interview Naveen Singh, who was the programming manager back when he joined the station. 

Take a listen to what he truly saw in our main man that is definitely shining through right now: 

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We then had the entire day-time presenter line-up roast our main man in, 'The Roast of Darren Maule'. 

Watch it all here: 

The Roast of Darren Maule


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