Darren and Keri enjoyed these moments from Netflix's 'Jonas Family Roast'

Darren and Keri enjoyed these moments from Netflix's 'Jonas Family Roast'

Kim Kardashian's new partner stole the show!

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We are fans of an amazing roast! Which is why on their return from this weekend, Darren and Keri coincidentally watched the same show on Netflix. 

This is the trending The Jonas Brothers Family Roast which sees each of them get roasted by their loved ones. 

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Take a listen as they shared who their favourite 'roaster' was:

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Most people enjoyed how Nick Jonas' wife, Priyanka Chopra, brought the heat on the show. She mentioned who the most popular Jonas Brother is - Nick, Joe or Kevin? 

Introducing the actress, the host, Kenan Thompson, described her as "the more talented, the more popular, the less sulky-looking other half of Nick Jonas". This lead to her also somewhat taking the shot and hitting back with a statement mentioning that their 10-year age gap meant they each have to help each other in different departments. 

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Nevetheless, Darren and Keri's best moments are from Pete Davidson's time on the podium. Kim Kardashian's partner had Keri Miller laughing like a child again with his smart and witty hits at the brothers. 

Have a look at some of these snippets. 

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Sophia Turner, Joe Jonas' wife, also had a chance to throw some heated roasts at her husband and brothers-in-law for wearing 'purity rings' at some points of their childhood. 

This new bomb dropped by the actress was one of the few things people did not know about the music trio. 

Their roast might not have outdone ours but you can still watch it on Netflix. 


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