WATCH: Should a two-year-old be forced to wear a mask in public?

WATCH: Should a two-year-old be forced to wear a mask in public?

Carol Ofori recently saw a video on social media of a family being kicked off a flight because their daughter wouldn't put on a mask. Being a mother herself, she decided to share her opinion on the matter.

Mask toddler

During this year, major mask meltdowns have come in and taken up a large part of the internet.

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Usually referred to as a 'Karen', videos of women and men refusing to wear masks in certain public areas have gone viral, almost every other week.

And most of the time there is a lot of violence or threat of violence, and destruction of property also involved (At the hands of the upset non-mask wearing 'Karen' of course).

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We never really get to see the whole scene play out from the angry person's side because the story is generally pretty cut and dry.

That's what makes this next case so difficult.

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We all know we should be wearing masks at all times when going anywhere outside of our homes, but a two-year-old toddler doesn't necessarily understand all this.

One American family has been kicked off a flight to New York because their daughter wouldn't wear a mask.

You can watch the footage below, which also shows their many attempts of putting a mask on their child:

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This is not your usual grown adult breaking the law situation and does make the line that needs to be drawn a bit blurry.

Carol wanted to address this video while also asking KZN what their opinion on this type of situation is.

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Listen to the full conversation below to hear Carol's hot take:

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