Internet reacts to mother giving newborn baby a manicure

Internet reacts to mother giving newborn baby a manicure

People were not happy when a picture showing a baby with incredibly long nails was uploaded onto Reddit.

Baby nails

According to, infants should have their nails cut regularly, and it's absolutely crucial that babies not have long nails.

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Why? Because babies lack muscle control, have delicate skin, and tend to rub their eyes, interact with other babies, and scratch themselves. Nails that are too long could be a danger to others, as well as the baby themselves.

So when one user uploaded the following picture to a Reddit thread, other users did not choose to hide their reactions of shock and disgust:

Baby manicure from r/trashy

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Although many find this picture to be gross and quite disturbing, most people voiced their concern for the child:

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This specific Reddit thread is called r/trashy and the description mentions that posts on this thread include trashy stories, trashy glamour, and all things fake.

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The thread also has an automated disclaimer that says the following: 

"This is a humor subreddit so posts about violent crimes or other things that make you angry don’t belong here. It is not r/rage or r/iamatotalpieceofshit. This is a subreddit that appreciates the trash that makes you laugh. Remember to remove all names and usernames from posts. We don’t allow dox and we don’t allow witch hunts. Links to social media sites are not allowed."

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Although it seems that the general reaction to this specific baby manicure was not too humourous and instead generated a growing amount of concern for the baby featured in the picture.

But as mentioned, no-one has any idea who the parents are responsible for these nasty nails, but hopefully, they have seen the error of their ways and the baby's nails have been trimmed.

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So this is your reminder to keep those tiny nails from turning into harmful claws.

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Main image courtesy of Reddit/r/trashy

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