LISTEN: Tom Cruise yells at movie crew for breaking COVID-19 protocol

LISTEN: Tom Cruise yells at movie crew for breaking COVID-19 protocol

And we thought Uncle Cyril was mad...

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been the subject of a fair amount of controversy over the years.

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From his involvement in the Church of Scientology to his past relationships, like most celebs, his life has been on display to the public for years.

And although his CV is extensive, some of the work he is best known for includes the 'Mission: Impossible' movies.

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Now amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he has once again made headlines, this time while on the set of his latest movie installment 'Mission: Impossible 7'.

A voice clip of the actor screaming has made its way onto the internet.

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Apparently, the clip features Tom shouting at the crew members who have broken COVID-19 safety regulations during filming.

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Tom Cruise has not yet released a statement about the incident, and neither has anyone involved in the film.

The origin of the recording has also not been made public, but Tom Cruise has been confirmed as the voice behind the clip.

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Although his approach is questionable, to say the least, his concerns are valid.

Across the world, people are becoming more relaxed with regards to coronavirus protocols, and it's even led to South Africa officially entering its second wave.

With all the super-spreader events that have recently taken place across South Africa and President Ramaphosa having to enforce stricter regulations locally, does Tom Cruise's reaction truly seem that terrible?

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We'll now have to wait and see what happens next. Will Tom apologise or defend his actions?

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