Nothing says 2020 like the top 10 apps list

Nothing says 2020 like the top 10 apps list

During this year we have all been spending an excessive amount of time on our phones, but that's okay. There's only so much Netflix you can watch during a pandemic and nationwide lockdown.

Top 10 apps

Unlucky for us, 2020 took us all for an insane ride.

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One thing it did change was that instead of having to hear "get off of your phone!" or "you're always on your phone!", it made us incredibly thankful for the fact that technology exists and we had something to keep us occupied while in lockdown.

TikTok became an even bigger deal than it was before, with celebrities, grandparents, and everyone in between joining the platform and trying their hand at some dance trends.

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Our phones not only kept us busy but they also kept us in touch with the people in our lives - friends, family or colleagues.

Even though we couldn't hang out physically, we could still connect electronically and emotionally.


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So with our mobile phones playing a pretty essential role in our 2020 lives, it only makes sense that we have a look at the top mobile applications for this year (These lists are determined by the number of downloads).

The top free apps of 2020

10. CashApp: Although not available in South Africa just yet, this is a quick and easy way of transferring money to another person by only using a mobile app.

9. Gmail

8. Messenger

7. Snapchat

6. Facebook

5. Instagram

4. YouTube

3. Disney+

2. TikTok

And, of course, in the number 1 top spot, the most downloaded app of 2020 is... ZOOM Cloud Meetings. 

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We all probably knew that was going to be the case, but work and social media weren't all that reigned supreme.

There were also many games that became the subjects of our affection... maybe more like our obsession?

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These are the games that people chose to play and parents chose to occupy their kids with while they figured out this homeschooling stuff: 'Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game', 'Subway Surfer', 'Call of Duty: Mobile', and 'Roblox'.

The most downloaded game of 2020 is one that is still getting all the hype: 'Among Us'.

So there you have it, and if you haven't yet, make sure to try a few of these out for yourself.

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It might just be the perfect time considering it's starting to look a lot like the festive season will also be filled with quiz nights on Zoom and Netflix movie nights.

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