Watermelons are being used for drug smuggling

Watermelons are being used for drug smuggling

These days it seems like criminals are getting more and more creative like using watermelon to fake a pregnancy and hide drugs!

Watermelon sugar

Whether at the airport, borders, or just a usual roadblock, police and security officials have had to step their game up.

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At this point, they have to inspect almost every part of the cargo, overnight bag, or purse.

You just never know where people are going to hide their illegal substances.

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Especially since it seems like these criminals have used almost every type of nook and cranny to hide it.

Like this shipment of "carrots" in the US that ended turned out to be marijuana.

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The bust was well worth more than $500,000.

US Customs and Border Protection

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Food is a quite popular method of transportation, especially bananas.

But the ones that might just be the hardest to spot are cakes and doughnuts.

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Between 2014 and 2015, Mexican soldiers suspected that a few packages of doughnuts weren't sprinkled in powdered sugar.

They were correct, and doughnuts were instead powdered with cocaine.

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any more creative and insane, we have a surprise for you.

A pregnant Brazilian woman was recently arrested when she was caught smuggling drugs.

Only it turns out she wasn't pregnant, but instead had half a hallowed out watermelon filled with drugs disguised as the baby bump.

Watermelon sugar

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Traveling to Rio de Janeiro the woman had 1,8 kg of cocaine on her at the time of her arrest.

The local military police even said that this attempt was an act of creativity without limit.

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Will officers of the law ever be able to trust a pregnant lady again? Only time will tell.    

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