Car attempts to leave with stuck door after crashing into house

Car attempts to leave with stuck door after crashing into house

And the door in question is not the car door, but a door from the house...

Car crash door

We all know you shouldn't drink and drive.

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Or be on your phone while driving or really do anything that could distract you.

Sometimes accidents happen that aren't your fault, but if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, things could go very wrong.

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Luckily the 18-year-old who crashed into a house in West Yorkshire, England, escaped a recent car crash with a head injury that isn't too serious.

His car and the house that he crashed into were not as lucky.

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As you can see, one of the doors from the house even came off and got stuck in the car and the driver seemed to want to escape the scene with it still embedded.

He didn't get far.

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This wasn't the only almost unbelievable car incident to take place this weekend.

Somewhere else a driver ended up driving into two different cars while attempting to park.

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The driver, also unharmed, was driving in their brand new Porsche when they accidentally engaged the launch control, sending the Taycan from 0 - 96,5 kp/h in 2.4 seconds.

It was accidentally engaged after the driver pressed accelerator and brake at the same time.

So an important note for any future Porsche Taycan drivers: no launch control when parking.

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