WATCH: Zendaya hilariously reveals her work out motivation

WATCH: Zendaya hilariously reveals her work out motivation

The young actress recently graced the cover of GQ magazine and talked about her upcoming movie and more.

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GQ Magazine is well-known for its video series, 'Actually Me'.

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In these videos, they give singers, actors, and other celebs the chance to go undercover on the internet and they then get to reply to anything they are mentioned in.

From Facebook to Twitter, these stars get to reply to as many people as they want.

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Zendaya, who is known for her roles in many popular films like the 'Spider-Man' franchise, recently did a cover story and interview with GQ, so she was the latest to get the 'Actually Me' treatment.

And it turned out even better than anyone could have expected.

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Zendaya is already loved by many thanks to her down-to-earth approach to stardom, while simultaneously being a phenomenal actress.

After watching this video, she has most likely gained even more fans.

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The standout moment that surprised everyone was when she revealed her workout routine.

While "undercover" on YouTube she found a comment that read: 

Zendaya gq
GQ YouTube

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And her answer was not what we expected at all!

She explained how she doesn't really enjoy working out, but she wishes she did because it would, obviously, be good for her.

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She goes on to say that she did try to get into it during quarantine and how she tried to motivate herself was by putting on different wigs, pretending to be different characters, and doing little funny skits!

We can't even begin to imagine what that must have been like, working out while "performing", but it would have definitely been entertaining.

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You can watch the full 'Actually Me' video below where she also explains how she got her Emmy so quickly after the winning announcement:

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Zendaya has also shared some incredible pictures from the shoot:

Honestly, just like everyone else, we just can't wait to see what she does next!

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Main image courtesy of Zendaya Official Twitter

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