Vic Naidoo is taking you on a trip down memory lane...

Vic Naidoo is taking you on a trip down memory lane...

"Nostalgia is a powerful feeling; it can drown out anything" - Terrence Malick.


On #ThrowbackThursdays, you can go back one week, two weeks, or even a few years.

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No matter how far back you go, memories, pictures, videos, and toys can trigger major nostalgia.

While it can be quite sad looking back to simpler or more care-free times (like pre-mask days) it can also fill you with a sense of calm and happiness.

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You can never be sure what will cause a flood of childhood memories to come back.

You might be cleaning your home and end up stumbling upon an old toy.

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You're almost guaranteed some good old nostalgia whenever you return to your childhood home, especially if your parents have kept your room the same.

Most people have probably heard the phrase "90's kids" too much over the past few years as it's become more of a trend than ever before.

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Even while watching shows like 'Stranger Things' we're reminded of things that we used to love that are not a part of our world anymore, like Walkmans or cassettes.

Just because technology, games, television, and everything else has moved forward, doesn't mean we can't reminisce about the good old days and the little things we miss.

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This #TBT, Vic Naidoo asked KZN what makes them nostalgic and what do they miss the most.

From 'Pumpkin Patch' to Tamagotchis, get ready to take a trip down memory lane as you listen to the podcast below:

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