Socks on, socks off: The socks-while-sleeping debate continues...

Socks on, socks off: The socks-while-sleeping debate continues...

After coming across some disturbing information, Vic Naidoo decided that if he had to live with this information, so should everyone else.

Socks feet

TikTok has become an incredible source of information.

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Many experts have taken to the platform to share their valuable knowledge.

By seeing this opportunity and seizing it, all types of information have been added to a platform where people of all walks of life can learn about all things wonderful, interesting, and sometimes just plain weird.

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Just like many others, Dr. Karan Raj decided to join the app and use it to share some of his vast medical knowledge and other freaky facts.

He became an overnight sensation with millions of followers.

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One of his most popular videos does however not sit too well with the general public.

You can read more about it right here.

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After coming across this video Vic just had to put the question out to KZN and find out if he is the only one completely taken aback by this information.

Take a listen as Vic and KZN settle the socks in bed debate once and for all (this is by no means a medical/scientific discussion):

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