WATCH: People are furious after seeing how this man eats his pizza

WATCH: People are furious after seeing how this man eats his pizza

Pineapple-on-pizza lovers and haters have found a new common enemy after a woman shared a video of her husband enjoying a slice of pizza.


Everyone has their pizza preference.

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While there have been major discussions about what is considered appropriate pizza-toppings, the biggest debate is still whether or not pineapple should be on pizza.

But we're not here to judge what food others like or dislike.

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You are more than welcome to enjoy any toppings your heart desires.

Things have even gotten quite heated when the preferred method of pizza consumption has been addressed.

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Same as the pineapple situation, no-one cares if you eat it with a fork or your hands.

Recently all other issues have been pushed aside as pizza-lovers have united to address a common enemy.

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A woman recently made a post on Reddit where she revealed how her husband cools off the delicious slices before eating them:

My husband believes running pizza under water to cool it down is acceptable from r/unpopularopinion

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Naturally, many people chose not to believe her until she added a link to a video that her brother took of her husband enjoying his water pizza:

Water pizza

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The pizza-loving community, and those who do not even like pizza that much, were shocked and they made their feelings very clear with their responses to the post:

Card Card Card

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While others did try to find some kind of humour in the situation:


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After watching the video, most people would probably agree with the following comment:


While none of us can really say if the water pizza tastes good or bad, we can probably bet on it that nobody is willing to find out anytime soon...

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Main image courtesy of Reddit

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