Want to pay R1.25 for a Kauai coffee? You can when you drink a cup every two hours...

Want to pay R1.25 for a Kauai coffee? You can when you drink a cup every two hours...

While the health benefits of coffee are still up for debate, we doubt that anyone would recommend a cup every two hours...

KAUAI coffee

Kauai is one of South Africa's most popular health food chains and could even be considered a pioneer in the health food sector.

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Now they have done it again, by launching the first restaurant subscription in the country.

According to the CEO of Kauai's parent company, Real Foods, Dean Kowarski, there are only a few of these types of subscription programmes operating worldwide.

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So what exactly do these services entail?

There are currently only two Kauai subscriptions available: one for coffee and one for their legendary smoothies.

Something BIG is coming. 👀 #KauaiGlobal

Posted by KAUAI on Friday, 8 January 2021

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Becoming a coffee subscriber will cost you R299 and over a period of 30 days you will be receiving up to 240 cups of coffee, working out to only R1.25 per cup.

Using the same system the smoothie subscription will cost you a total of R199 for a 15-day sub, while the other option is R375 for 30 days worth of smoothies.

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If you choose to redeem it every day, it works out to between R12,50 and R13,27 per small smoothie.

The subscriptions are available nationwide at all Kauai stores and their app.

You can even choose to have it delivered or you can pick it up from the location yourself.

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Now clearly you would have to really, really love smoothies or coffee if you are willing to drink such a massive amount over 30 days.

This made Vic realise that when it comes to your favourite things, of course, you would want to have some all day, every day.

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Whether it's pizza, sushi, or even clothes, imagine you could have a subscription to anything in the world?!

That's why Vic decided to share his subscription of choice while asking KZN what their ideal subscription would be?

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